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Yes, it's entirely free.

World History Encyclopedia is a non-profit organization and wishes to share its resources with history projects that are in line with our mission to engage people with cultural heritage and improve history education worldwide. We will provide you with the web infrastructure and help you get set up. Then it's your project to build!

Who can apply?

Our free hosting initiative is available to any history project, such as academic journals, archaeology websites, history bloggers, travel bloggers, or student societies at a university.

It's your website

Any project we host will remain entirely yours; you retain absolute control of its content. World History Encyclopedia will have no influence on your editorial decisions, as long as you abide by our conditions. We only require you to place a "sponsored by World History Encyclopedia" icon in the footer of your website.

Just as with any typical hosting provider, we will not provide you with web development or design assistance. You are free to do whatever you want with your web space.


As the most popular content management system on the planet, we feature WordPress hosting out of the box, should you wish to use it.

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You can either point your own domain at our servers or get a free subdomain for your project.

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